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Burn both ends

published9 months ago
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Hello Reader,

I can't tell you how well-timed this season is for my personal and professional life!

We bought a house in Staunton (yay!) and my work at the Shenandoah Community Capital Fund is kicking into high gear. My calendar is flowing over with preschool tours, team meetings, flooring company estimates, strategic doing, move dates, conference prep and storytelling ideas. To top it all off, my husband will begin his summer conference tour soon (#academiclife) and I'm spinning my wheels trying to find someone to care for our four-year old (because summer camps sold out in February, duh!).

While all this is going on, I find myself grasping at what I know helps me stay grounded and focused:

  • Sleep and a whole foods diet (with the occasional Aperol Spritz of course!)
  • A creative practice
  • Moving my body regularly
  • Mindfulness & meditation (This is hard!)
  • Upholding my boundaries and honoring what I need.

And before you think I'm gliding through these hectic times on a cloud of bliss, trust me: I'm a constant work in progress!

If any of this sounds familiar or intriguing to you, season 3 is for YOU!

Each day, I come across a handful of resources that I think every ecosystem builder should know about. Here are the highlights:

I need your help!

P.S. Throughout the month of August, I will host a mini-series of 10-minute episodes that focus on some practical skills and insights for ecosystem builders. I'd love to hear what would be of value to YOU!

In camaraderie,


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