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publishedabout 1 year ago
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Hello Reader,

Today is the day!

After four months of tinkering and strategizing behind the scenes, Ecosystems for Change is LIVE!

In Season 1, I really wanted to take the time to dive deep into the question what ecosystem building actually is. Not to establish a single definition but to showcase the variety of approaches and concepts that lend themselves to the uniqueness of each community.

My conversations took me from Texas to Puerto Rico and from Nebraska to Ecuador! I talked to ecosystem builders in rural and urban communities about hyper-local and regional approaches. I spoke to systems thinkers with traditional backgrounds of small business development and economic development, as well as grassroots activists who forged their own path - and approach - to ecosystem building.

And, in episode 1 you will hear from 12 ecosystem builders who shared their bite-sized definitions of our work!

Welcome to Ecosystems for Change!

We're launching with four episodes today and you can expect subsequent episodes to drop every Tuesday. I'd love to know where and when you're listening, which episodes resonate and what questions you have! Who else should I talk to? And who in your networks needs to hear these conversations? Simply reply to this email or share your thoughts on social media - I'd love to hear from you!

From the show

My journey from social enterprise enthusiast to ecosystem builder

Join me as we zoom out of our role as lone wolves and, together, take a systems view of supporting entrepreneurs of ALL backgrounds.

Ecosystem Building in the Shenandoah Valley with Debbie Irwin

How do you become an effective convener without becoming a bottleneck? Find out in my conversation with Debbie Irwin!


Here are the highlight resources from episodes 1 and 2:

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