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Embracing dissent and discomfort. Yay!

published5 months ago
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Hello Reader,

If you read the last edition of Impact Curator, you know that I was getting ready for a lip sync battle to raise funds for a local non-profit.

What can I tell ya?

I messed up.


And now we have video proof of me not just leaving my comfort zone, but failing right outside of it for everyone to see. It pains me to watch the recording, just waiting for that part where everyone else raises their hands synchronically while I'm still over on my side dancing up my best imitation of One Direction.

And you know what? As much shame and embarrassment I feel about it (let alone the mortification of letting my dance crew down), I'm still here, working and laughing and doing all the things.

I left my comfort zone. It went wrong (validating my reason for discomfort). And life goes on.

While my bruised ego is recuperating (thanks for asking!), I'm actually tapping two guests from season 3 to make sure I take care of myself as we head into the darkest season of the year - I'll tell you more about it in the resource section.

Meanwhile the theme of discomfort continues on the show. Both Jess Edwards and Cecilia Wessinger share some deep (and personal!) experiences with navigating conflict in their ecosystems. And I'm sharing a few resources that are making my life better right now.

I come across a lot of resources that I think every ecosystem builder should get their hands on. While I share them far and wide on many channels (mostly LinkedIn & Instagram), I love curating a list of the best insights, opportunities and resources for you:

  • In season 3, I talked to Candace Dalmagne-Rouge about the importance of ceremony to make sense and derive meaning from what goes on in our lives. I just received my Autumn box to ring in this season with a guided ceremony & meditation (and other goodies) and I can't wait to create a little more space and slow the f*** down. (If you have experienced infant or pregnancy loss, or you know someone who has, Candace also curates a ritual to help parents process through this devastating time.)
  • November 9: My good friend Shelly Rose is hosting a class to help us make it through the holiday season with our health intact: Family gatherings (and all their dynamics), holiday parties, gift shopping and celebratory feasts of epic proportions tax our nervous and immune system. If you want to learn how to take care of yourself during this stressful time, join us!
  • I just got my hands of Tara McMullins's book What Works: A comprehensive framework to change the way we approach goal setting and I'm sorry to tell you that if you're on my Christmas list, that's what you're getting this year.
  • Jess Edwards recommends you check out the Institute for Social Capital.
  • Cecilia's favorite resource for ecosystem builders: Who Do We Choose To Be? by Margaret Wheatley.

I'll be back in your inbox in two weeks to introduce you to two more ecosystem builders who are good at building social capital, to share my favorite resources, and to remind you that what you do matters!

In camaraderie,