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Emergence is SO uncomfortable!

published11 months ago
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Hello Reader,

Does this sounds familiar?

For years, I have wondered why goal setting workshops didn't work for me. I had this dreamy vision of my productive, organized, high-achieving self, I had the ambition and East German discipline to get there. Plus I LOVE a good plan! Bonus points for check-off-able tasks and milestones.

And yet, once the initial excitement wore off, I would fall off the wagon. I was entirely focused on the end-result - that dreamy vision of an ambitious goal achieved - but there always seemed to be something that got in the way. An unforeseen obstacle (does anyone ever foresee them, other than my husband?) or a delay would derail the entire operation and I would end up frustrated. My carefully laid plans in shambles, and me - fed up with the futility of goal setting. My approach of picking a goal and reverse engineering a plan to get there didn't work.

In season 2 of Ecosystems for Change, I finally understood why. Life is not command-and-control; it constantly emerges. And changes. And evolves. And throws a stick in the wheel. I've realized that if I want to plan ANYTHING, my plan needs to allow for changes, a shift in priorities and - most importantly - the fact that my goals seem to shift, too! In brief:

1) Emergence makes me deeply uncomfortable.

2) I need a way to set goals and stay on track that doesn't focus on the end goal(s) but anchors me in the present.

That's why I was SO excited to hear that one of my favorite podcasters Tara McMullin - who's one of the brains behind my show - is finally publishing a book that sounds right up my alley! I've used Tara's Commitment Blueprint and have religiously listened to her show What Works.

I have a long list of resources and opportunities on my radar that I think you would love! Check out the highlights here:

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