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Human systems are messy

published12 months ago
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Hello Reader,

As you are reading this (hopefully with a strong cup of coffee in the comfort of your sofa/office chair/ [insert favorite location for good news]), we are kicking off day 2 of the Startup Champions Network Summit here in spring-time Durham, NC!

I got to host my favorite session yesterday which is to welcome new members to this network of entrepreneurial ecosystem builders from around the U.S. Today, we'll be touring Black Wall St and spend the afternoon exploring different themes and skill sets. The evening will end with a long-held tradition of Roses & Thorns, intimate conversations about the house and challenges of helping build & nurture ecosystems. Nowhere do I feel more understood, heard and seen as I do in these convenings. And before you know it, we'll wrap this show up on Wednesday and everybody travels back home to their corners of the U.S.!

I get to wear at least two hats these days: that of Summit co-host through Social Venturers AND representative of Shenandoah Community Capital Fund - much of my team and a group of partners are attending the event to learn more about ecosystem building

Lastly, I'm excited to meet a few people face-to-face who I've so far only met virtually! Julie Heath, VP of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems for the state of Indiana is coming as well as Amy Beaird, who participated in Solopreneurs for Impact in 2021 and is now part of a regional effort to build the ecosystem for entrepreneurs in Florida's high tech corridor!

But don't let fomo get the better of you! While my extrovert self is reveling in the company of such magnificent changemakers, I'm confident you'll feel a similar sense of camaraderie listening to the new episodes of Ecosystems for Change wherever you are in the world!

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In camaraderie,


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