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It's the changes we can't control that blindside us

published12 months ago
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Hello Reader,

We find ourselves in the midst of season 2 and I cannot tell you how much I've enjoyed how watching people respond to the show! People I know and people I don't know (yet) have been sharing the show, their favorite interviews and insights they've gleamed from listening. How cool is that!?

Remember when I told you in my first logbook that a group in Indiana had used an episode from season 1 in their job interview process? I met the person who landed the job! In person! And he is I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E.! With any luck, you get to meet him in my next logbook!

At the Startup Champions Network Summit two weeks ago, I was excited to learn more about a new initiative to professionalize the field of entrepreneurial ecosystem building and YOU can get involved! Under the catchy name of Ecosystem Builder Leadership Project, a handful of dedicated practitioners are convening the community and they need your input to assess the state of our field:

Lastly, I hosted our first community conversation about the emotional toll of changing systems last week. I wanted to hear from you, the listeners, how this work challenges your wellbeing. And boy oh boy, did I hear from you! Thank you everyone who showed up and shared openly! If you missed the event but want to have your say, send me a message via SpeakPipe! Stay tuned for season 3 - launching in mid-June - for some first insights and, hopefully, answers!

I have a long list of resources and events on my radar that I think you would love! Check out the highlights here:

In camaraderie,


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