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Slow your roll.

published8 months ago
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Good morning Reader,

I'm typing this newsletter at the crack of dawn because not only am I a week behind (I bet you've been waiting desperately for my name to pop up in your inbox, haven't you?) but I also have a 9-hour day ahead of me in my role as Director of Marketing & Ecosystem Building at the Shenandoah Community Capital Fund.

Did I mention I'm riding solo as a parent for the next three weeks?

And that we just moved into a new house that needs shelves and lights installed, carpet runners and a kitchen reno? I must have gotten half of my steps in this morning already because I still can't find any of my ingredients in this new kitchen (the peach-baked oatmeal that I put in the oven at 5.15 a.m. is sending sweet and fruity smells through my house).

While making peach-baked oatmeal and organizing my house sound like they're straight out of Martha Stewart's Homemaking Handbook (available at my Thrift Store for $1.99), the reality of parenting and working and homemaking and creating this extraordinary podcast is one of stress. I'm trying to time my morning routine so I can get work done before my daughter wakes up, I attempt to optimize my bike route and shave off minutes by showering faster and approving episode drafts while cooking and cleaning and folding laundry.

In other words, I'm rushing through life. And when we rush, things don't only fall through the cracks (like forgetting V's favorite teddy bear at the pediatrician's office because we ere running behind) but we tax our nervous system, we don't breathe deeply, we send cortisol running through our veins and I. Don't. Enjoy. Any. Of. It.

I should know better. As season 3 slowly comes to a close, I have learned a handful of lessons that will prevent me from burning out. If I manage to implement them. In that sense, I consider myself work in progress. How about you?

Each day, I come across a handful of resources that I think every ecosystem builder should know about. Here are the highlights:

Save the date ecosystem builders!📅

In other news📰

I'd love to hear what you're thinking, sensing and changing in your work and life as you listen to this season's conversations with practitioners of self care and wellbeing! Which episode(s) resonate with you? What questions do you have after listening? What do you want to share with the community?

In camaraderie,


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