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The limits of productivity

published6 months ago
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Hello Reader,

This weekend, I spent two hours clearing out my inbox while my daughter napped (thank goodness she still naps!) and was ashamed to find emails from July that I had kept with every intention (!) of responding to. But I clearly hadn't. Apologies to my bookkeeper, fellow podcaster and friends.

It's obvious I've fallen behind on a fist-full of things and not only of professional nature. So I'm taking 10 days off to step away from what's been an intense summer at SCCF.

But before I get on that 6-hour train ride to New York City to see my family (Hi sis! Can't wait to see you!), I wanted to hop into your inbox and share how I think about productivity and plan for outcomes.

My favorite time for yearly planning is the early fall and I hope you find this episode useful as you think about your next week, quarter and year!

As always, this last summer skill session is full of additional resources! Let me know what worked for you (you can simply hit 'reply' to this email - I'd love to read your email when I return!).

Each day, I come across a handful of resources that I think every ecosystem builder should know about. Here are the highlights:

Save the date ecosystem builders!📅

More resources...

I LOVED this episode with Bailey Evans on Generating Investment in Rural Entrepreneurs on the Entrepreneurship on the Rise podcast!

In camaraderie,