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The slow & complex nature of systems change

publishedabout 1 year ago
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Hello Reader,

I am over the moon excited to welcome you to season 2 of Ecosystems for Change! I have SO enjoyed getting back into recording after two months of researching and planning! Talking to smart people might just be about the most fun thing I do! And season 2 is a big one y'all!

First off, talking about the complex and excruciatingly slow nature of our work is absolutely fascinating! Only if we understand how ecosystems behave can we become effective operators within them! I don't believe in silver bullets but I DO believe that understanding complex, adaptive systems is key to being effective and helpful in what we do!

Secondly, I had the opportunity to bring some incredible people on the show! My guests in season 2 are people who I've been in the trenches with and/or who I've admired from afar for some time. I'm serious when I tell you that I enjoyed some of these conversations so much, it was all I could do to not book a flight straight to France or the West Coast to hang out with them and soak up every word of wisdom they have to share! You may not believe it but keeping some of these episodes to under 90 minutes was a heroic effort on my part!

When these systems thinkers got real on the show I was - literally - lost for words at times. So please, enjoy all the awkward pauses and stumbling over my own words in season 2! I trust it will have been worth it!

An introduction to complex, adaptive systems

Get the skinny on what complex, adaptive systems are and what you need to know to fully engage with the conversations in season 2!

Humanity-Focused Systems Design

From her backyard in the south of France, Madelynn Martiniere talks about the power of participatory design, charismatic founders and the use of technology for systems change!

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