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There's possibility in this glorious mess

published11 months ago
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Hello Reader,

... well, isn't that a relief? After so much talk about the messiness and chaos of the universe, I'm thrilled that season 2 culminates in a message of hope!

Spring is underway here in North Carolina and along with all these seedling starting to shoot, I have the sense that the ecosystem sector is taking off, too!

I've been keeping a long list of opportunities, resources and events (see below) and am excited to introduce you to the last two guests on this season before I take a little break to gear up for season 3!

Speaking of which: Several listeners have contributed to the conversation about burnout among changemakers and I would love to hear from two or three more!

Tell me! How are you burning the candle on both ends? What does it take for you to do this work sustainably? What has your journey been so far and what are you still finding hard? I would LOVE to hear from you!

Simply send me a message via SpeakPipe and I can start finding us some answers! Season 3 launches mid-June!

I have a long list of resources and opportunities on my radar that I think you would love! Check out the highlights here:

In camaraderie,


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