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published9 months ago
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Hello Reader,

My daughter's pre-school is closed this week. Not due to COVID or a water main break or some other natural disaster. It's closed because the principal is looking out for her teachers:

"We have worked harder than ever under challenging circumstances. When teachers were out sick and/or hospitalized, the rest of the staff have worked tirelessly to adjust to shortages. Many have chosen not to take personal time off to help with staffing. In an effort to minimize the effects of physical and mental stress, we've decided to close the school during the July 4th week. It is my hope that a good rest will strengthen and rejuvenate our teachers."

Once I got over my initial Woe Is Me reaction, a wave of awe for the school's leadership washed over me. Yes, it's inconvenient for full-time working parents to manage through 4 days without care. But you know what's even more inconvenient? Losing dedicated staff to burnout.

In a society that celebrates hustle and climbing that career ladder as fast as you can, slamming on the breaks is a heroic act. And it shouldn't be.

What I'm learning in season 3 is that taking care of ourselves and each other might just be the most radical improvement we can make to the broken system within which we operate, be it as parents, professionals, family members, community members, ecosystem builders, and yes, as caretakers.

In season 3, I talk to changemakers who defy the status quo and have forged their own path the impact space: as strategists, advisors and social entrepreneurs - and I can't wait for you to meet them!

Each day, I come across a handful of resources that I think every ecosystem builder should know about. Here are the highlights:

  • Alex recommended Brene Brown's podcasts and books for fellow servant leaders who want to up their leadership & empathy skills.
  • Candace swears by Dr. Joe Dispenza when it comes to adopting new habits or making other changes in your life.
  • My friends at Forward Cities and EcoMap are hiring.
  • Startup Champions Network just announced that their fall summit will take place October 17-19 in Forth Worth, Texas.

I'd love to hear what you're thinking, sensing and changing in your work and life as you listen to this season's conversations with practitioners of self care and wellbeing! Which episode(s) resonate with you? What questions do you have after listening? What do you want to share with the community?

In camaraderie,


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