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published7 months ago
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Hello Reader,

I don't know what it's like where you are but summer is going strong here in the mountains of the Shenandoah (I recently moved to Staunton, VA, in case you missed it). My parents are vacationing in Greece and I receive daily snapshots from the beach and the extraordinary flora of Rhodes (they're big plant lovers!). One of my dearest friends in Germany just had her third baby (welcome to the world Landon!) and has made the North Sea their second home this summer. Which makes me wonder: am I the only one not working on her tan?

Meanwhile at in Staunton, the team at SCCF is working long hours to roll out our new brand and website, launch the Inaugural Shenandoah Valley Entrepreneurship Summit and tour the Valley to hear from entrepreneurs of all backgrounds what's working and what isn't (learn more about out Listening Tours in my 3rd logbook).

But just because we're not currently kicking it on some exotic beach doesn't mean we won't celebrate summer as a time of long days, sunshine and a daily dose of ice cold treats!

I launched the Summer Skill Sessions as short episodes in which I share one practical skill to help YOU become a more effective ecosystem builder! Think of it as your summer treat, like an ice cream sundae on a hot summer day. Each episode walks you through an approach to a critical skill in ecosystem building and is served up with a heaping amount of additional resources and tools - your cherries and sprinkles on top if you will (that ice cream metaphor went a long way, I'm impressed)!

If you're putting any of these four skills to work, I'd LOVE to hear how it's working for you. Each ecosystem is different and I'm so curious to hear from you!

Happy summer friends✌

Each day, I come across a handful of resources that I think every ecosystem builder should know about. Here are the highlights:

Save the date ecosystem builders!📅

More resources...

In camaraderie,